The urban development

  • DSF0088 From the inauguration of the Station Bridge in Køge. Photo: Martin Håkan/
In the coming 10-15 years, Køge Kyst will transform former harbour and industrial areas in Køge into a dense town district with new residences, offices, retail, culture and a diverse urban life.

The transformation is well under way and already opening up new opportunities and possibilities for people who live in Køge, work in the town, do shopping or attend cultural events - and also for people who are thinking about moving there.

The ambition of Køge Kyst is to create a vibrant and diverse town district with numerous cultural activities, good infrastructure and better connectivity between the different areas as well as a brand new shopping area and improved recreational areas.

The area consists of three parts: the Station Area, the Southern Harbour Area (Søndre Havn) and the Collstrop Site.

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Vision and development plan

The overall vision is to create a unique, attractive and sustainable urban area that strengthens Køge’s role as a central city in the capital area, on Zealand and in the entire Øresund region.

The development plan translates Køge Kyst’s visions into some basic ideas that can be summarised in two headlines which contain both a concrete physical meaning and a process-oriented meaning:

‘Life before the city’ - and ‘A city for life’.